An introduction to collecting baseball cards

I have had many hobbies over my life but none that have held true to my heart like baseball cards. Even at almost 30, I get giddy when I see the latest products come out. Though only Topps is still around in the officially licensed baseball game, there are other companies that still make baseball cards such as Leaf, Onyx, and Panini.

So you’re a kid/teen/adult/alien who wants to start collecting. What should you do first? Here are my 5 recommendations.

1. Find a set/player/etc… project to do and STICK WITH IT! : This is one of the things I’ve regretted as a collector. I have moved from set to set and not completed projects. Complete you projects as best as you can.

2. Buy supplies: Don’t go too “Wile E. Coyote looking at the latest ACME catalog” crazy though. Buy only what you need and can afford. You have to protect those cards. Putting them in a shoe box is a no no these days.

3. Don’t go too high end right away: It may be tempting to buy a $300 per box/pack product when you see the checklist, but save that for when you get your feet wet a bit more. Start with a cheaper set like Topps Series 1/2, or Panini Prizm.

4. Go to card shows: This is a great way to buy, sell and trade cards, as well as meet people who are interested in your hobby. There’s still a lot of them out there.

5. Be skeptical, but not too skeptical: Yes, there are some bad people in the hobby but you can’t be too neurotic. Don’t take things at face value but don’t go all conspiracy theorist on it either.

Here are some baseball card related links:
Topps (company)
Leaf Trading Cards (company)
Panini (card company)
Onyx Authenticated (Company)
Blowout Cards (Wax sales and great community)


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